Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

In most sectors of textile manufacturing process, automation is one of the major key to quality improvement and cost competitiveness. Early modernization and technical developments in textiles concentrated on the automation of textile machines and their processes. Now automation has taken place in all the processes involving textile manufacture i.e. Power looms, cotton picking, ginning, spinning, weaving, and processing and even to some extent in garment making, resulting in enormous gains in productivity and efficiency.


Prorammable model:PL 03

  • Warp stop motion with position stop.
  • Weft stopmotion with position stop.
  • Efficient breaking,single picking,inching.
  • Weft fork sensor.
  • multi function indication with single lamp.
  • Loom stop automatically in case of breaking of drive belt etc.


Prorammable model:PL 04

  • consists all tha features of model PL 03.
  • Weft control system enables to reduce wastage in weft stopping .
  • stoppage counters for loom,warp and weft stoppage.
  • Two line LED display shows the fabilc production and total no of stoppage etc..


Prorammable model:PL 05

  • Consists all tha features of model PL 04 and....
  • programming stoppage of the machine which enablesthe dhoties,sarees designing with various colors with accuracy.
  • Any time reset facilily.
  • pick minus facility
  • Total number of dhotis or sarees produced will be display in numbers/shift/day/week
  • 4 line LED display


Prorammable model:PL 06

  • Consists all tha features of model PL 05
  • Automatically change the shuttle as per the programme to eliminate the draw box shuttle change pattern cards and lacing
  • Four line LED displays the production no. of picks per shuttle fed.
  • Also displays the running box details like no of picks completed and the balance no.of picks to be woven
  • Suitable for yarn dyed shirting,kerchiefs,lungies and towels



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